List of Diamonds

A number of large or extraordinary diamonds have gained fame, both as exquisite examples of the beautiful nature of diamonds and because of the famous people who wore, bought, and sold them. A partial list of famous diamonds in history follows.

Name Uncut
Color Country/region of origin Description Image
26th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union[1][2] 342.57 yellow
Russia / USSR
Mined at the Mir kimberlitic pipe (YakutiaRussia) in 1980. It is the largest gem diamond ever found in Russia or the former USSR. It is the size of a pigeon's egg and is currently kept (as of 2016) in the Russian Diamond Fund (Moscow Kremlin.)
Akbar Shah 116, later 71.7 colorless
An Indian diamond which became famous during the days of the Mughal Empire. A diamond with a roughly pear-shaped outline and random faceting, including two Persian inscriptions, the first reading "Shah Akbar, the Grand King, 1028 A.H." (the letters mean Anno Hegirae). The second inscription read "To the Lord of Two Worlds, 1039 A.H. Shah Jehan". The diamond was reportedly part of the original Peacock Throne. Purchased in 1886 in Istanbul by London merchant George Blogg, who re-cut it from 116 carats (23.2 g) to a pear-shape of 71.70 carats (14.340 g), thus destroying the historic inscriptions. Blogg sold the stone in 1887 to Malhar Rao Gaekwad of Baroda, India who was the last known owner and the stone's whereabouts are presently unknown.
Alexander Pushkin[1][2] 320.65 colorless
Russia / USSR
Mined at the Udachnaya kimberlitic pipe (YakutiaRussia) in 1989. It is the second largest gem diamond ever found in Russia or the former USSR and is currently kept (as of 2016) in the Russian Diamond Fund(Moscow Kremlin.)
Allnatt Diamond 101.29 yellow
South Africa (disputed)
A 101.29-carat (20.258 g) antique cushion-shaped brilliant fancy vivid yellow diamond which is believed to have been found in the Premier mine in the South African Republic. It got the name Allnatt[3] after one of its owners, Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt. The diamond was sold for a little more than $3 million at Christie's auction in Geneva in May 1996.
De Allnatt diamant.jpg
Allnatt Diamond
Amarillo Starlight 16.37 7.54 colorless
United States of America
The largest diamond found by a park visitor in the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas since 1972, when it was established as a state park. It was found by W. W. Johnson of Amarillo, Texas in 1975 and was a 16.37 carats (3.27 g) white diamond, but it has since been cut into a 7.54 carats (1,510 mg) marquise shape.
Amsterdam Diamond 33.74 black
A 33.74 carat (6.748 g) pear-shaped black diamond which sold for $352,000 in 2001.
Archduke Joseph 78.54 76.02 colorless
Historical cushion-shaped, D colour, internally flawless Golcondadiamond, sold on 13 November 2012 by Christies to an anonymous buyer for US$21.4M.[4]
Argyle Pink Jubilee 12.76 8.01 pink
Argyle Pink Jubilee[5] is the largest pink diamond ever found in Australia weighing 12.76 carats. The diamond was found in Western Australia in Argyle Mine who is the largest producer of pink diamonds in the world.
Ashberg Diamond 102.48 amber
South Africa
102.48 carats (20.496 g)
Aurora Butterfly of Peace A display of 240 fancy-colored diamonds.
Aurora Butterfly of Peace in daylight 01.jpg
The 240 diamonds
Aurora Pyramid of Hope A display of 296 diamonds of natural colors.
Aurora Diamond Collection.jpg
The 296 diamonds
Beau Sancy 34.98 colorless
A 34.98-carat (6.996 g)[6] pear-shaped diamond, which sold for US $10 million in 2012.[7] Not to be confused with the Sancy.
Beau Sancy
Black Orlov 67.5 black
a 67.50-carat (13.500 g) cushion-cut black diamond, also called the Eye of Brahma Diamond.
Blue Moon of Josephine Diamond 29.6 12.03 blue
South Africa
Found in the Cullinan mine in 2014, cushion-shaped, and originally named the 'Blue Moon' diamond. Purchased for a record breaking 48.6 million Swiss francs (US48.4 million) at a Sotheby's auction in Genevaon 11 November 2015 by the Hong Kong tycoon Joseph Lau. He renamed it "The Blue Moon of Josephine" in honor of his daughter. The previous day he had bought the 'Sweet Josephine' diamond for her.[8][9]
Briolette of India 90.38 colorless
(See article)
90.38 carats (18.076 g) - Cut by Cartier around 1910.
Centenary Diamond 599 273.85 colorless
South Africa
273.85 carats (54.770 g), modified heart-shaped brilliant, the world's former largest colorless (grade D), flawless diamond (until a 163.41ct grade D, flawless diamond was sold by Christies in 2017 in a necklace designed by De Grisogono).
Chloe Diamond 84.37 colorless
Sold in November 2007 at Sotheby's in Geneva to Georges Marciano of the Guess clothing line for 18.2 million SFr, the second-highest price ever paid for a diamond on auction.[10]
Cora Sun-Drop Diamond 110.03 yellow
South Africa
Largest known pear-shape fancy vivid yellow diamond, found in South-Africa[11][12]
Creator[1][2] 298.48 colored
Found in a placer mining factory in the Lower Lena River area, Yakutia, in 2004. It is the third largest gem diamond ever found in Russia or the former USSR and is currently kept (as of 2016) in the Russian Diamond Fund (Moscow Kremlin.)
Cross of Asia 280 79.12 yellow
South Africa
Discovered in 1902 at the Jagersfontein Mine as a 280-carat (56 g) crystal. The first cut was to 142 carats (28.4 g); it was then cut three more times until, in 1993, it was a 79.12 carats (15.824 g) radiant-cut with table facets that resemble a Maltese cross.[13]
Cullinan Diamond 3106.75 various colorless
South Africa
Discovered in 1905, the Cullinan is, at 3106.75 carats (621.35 g), the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever found. It was cut into 105 diamonds including the Cullinan I or the Great Star of Africa, 530.2 carats (106.04 g), and the Cullinan II or the Lesser Star of Africa, 317.4 carats (63.48 g), both of which are now part of the British Crown Jewels.
Cullinan Diamond and some of its cuts - copy.jpg
Nine of the diamonds
Cullinan I 3106.75 530.4 colorless
South Africa
The largest stone obtained from Cullinan diamond.[14] Cullinan I or Great Star of Africa with weight of 530.4 carats it is the second largest cut diamond in the world. Currently located in the head of the Sceptre of the British Crown Jewels British Royal family.
Rough cullinan diamond.jpg
Cullinan II 3106.75 317.4 colorless
South Africa
The second largest stone obtained from Cullinan diamond. Cullinan II[15] or Lesser Star of Africa with weight of 317.4 carats is also one of the largest cut diamonds in the world. As Cullinan I, it is also in the British crown jewels located in the Imperial State Crown British Royal family.
Daria-i-Noor 182 pink
The largest pink diamond in the world, approximately 182 carats (36.4 g), originally from India but now part of Iranian Crown Jewels. Its exact weight is not known; 182 carats (36.4 g) is an estimate.
Darya-e Noor Diamond of Iran.png
The Daria-i-Noor
Deepdene 104.52 yellow
South Africa
Widely considered to be the largest artificially irradiated diamond in the world, at 104.52 carats (20.904 g).
DeYoung Red Diamond 5.03 brownish-red
South Africa
Weighing 5.03 carats (1.006 g), the fourth-largest known red diamond GIA graded as the FANCY DARK REDDISH BROWN, was bought in a flea market on a hatpin by Sidney deYoung a prominent Boston estate jewelry merchant. It was donated by him to the Smithsonian InstitutionNational Museum of Natural History.
DeYoung Red Diamond 01.jpg
Dresden Green Diamond 41 green
41-carat (8.2 g) antique pear-shaped brilliant - its color is the result of natural irradiation
Dresden Grün Diamant copy.jpg
Dresden Green (glass replica)
Earth Star Diamond 111.59 brown
South Africa
a 111.59-carat (22.318 g) pear-shaped diamond with a strong coffee-like brown color.
Empress Eugénie (diamond) 52
52-carat (10.4 g) antique pear-shaped brilliant with an odd, random facet pattern
Esperanza Diamond 8.52 4.602 D IF
United States of America
Discovered in 2015, it is the 5th largest diamond ever discovered at the Crater of Diamonds State ParkArkansas Identified as a Type IIa crystal, the 8.52 carat diamond was cut and polished by Mike Bothainto a custom-designed 4.605 carat Triolette shape during a week long event in North Little Rock and was graded a D IF, 0 Polish & 0 Symmetry by the American Gem Society Laboratories- making it the most valuable American diamond.
Esperanza Diamond Triolette.jpg
Esperanza Diamond
Eureka Diamond 21.25 10.73 yellow-brown
South Africa
the first diamond found in South Africa, a yellow-brown 21.25-carat (4.250 g) stone (before cutting) resulting in a finished diamond 10.73 carats (2.146 g)
Excelsior Diamond 970 various colorless
South Africa
The largest known diamond in the world prior to the Cullinan at 970 carats (194 g), it was later cut into 10 pieces of various sizes (13–68 carats)
Florentine Diamond 137.27 yellow
A lost diamond, light yellow with a weight of 137.27 carats (27.45 g).
Florentine Diamond copy.jpg
Florentine Diamond (glass replica)
French Blue (or Tavernier Blue before its cut) ≈112 69 blue
(Lost during French Revolution) Largest blue diamond allegedly discovered up to this date before its cut, it was faceted by Jean Pittan to be the main French Crown Jewel. Lost, and then almost certainly cut into the Hope Diamond.
Golden Eye Diamond 43.51 yellow
South Africa
A large, radiant-cut fancy intense yellow diamond (43.5 carats).
Golden Jubilee Diamond 755.5 545.67 yellow-brown
South Africa
The Unnamed Brown as originally named, the Golden Jubilee[16] is the largest faceted diamond ever cut at 545.67 carats (109.13 g), outweighing Cullinan I by 15.27 carats
Graff Pink 24.78 pink
24.78-carat (4.956 g) A 24.78-carat Fancy Intense Pink diamond and, until the sale of the Sweet Josephine diamond in November 2015, it was the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction. Previously owned by Harry Winston and an unnamed private collector, and bought by Laurence Graff (November 2010).[17]
Great Chrysanthemum Diamond 104.15 orange-brown
South Africa
104.15 carats (20.830 g)
Great Mogul Diamond ≈780 280
Fabled 280-carat (56 g) mogul-cut diamond, now lost, although presumed by historians to have been re-cut as the Orlov.
Great Mogul Diamond copy.jpg
Great Mogul Diamond (replica)
Gruosi Diamond 115.34 black
A heart-shaped black diamond, weighing 115.34 carats (23.068 g).
Heart of Eternity Diamond 27.64 blue
South Africa
Perhaps the largest fancy vivid blue, weighing 27.64 carats (5.528 g).
Hope Diamond ≈112 45.52 blue
45.52 carats (9.104 g), is a Fancy Dark Grayish-Blue diamond and supposedly cursed. Almost certainly cut from the French Blue Diamond. Part of the Smithsonian Collection.
HopeDiamond (1).JPG
The Hope Diamond
Hortensia Diamond 20 peach
Peach (slightly orangey pink) color, formerly part of the French Crown Jewels. Displayed in the Louvre.
Incomparable Diamond 890 407.48 brownish-yellow
Democratic Republic of Congo
A brownish-yellow diamond of 407.48 carats (81.496 g) cut from an 890 carat (178 g) rough diamond of the same name - it appeared on eBay in 2002. Internally Flawless clarity. Several other smaller diamonds were also cut from the crystal.
Jacob Diamond 184.5 colorless
Cushion cut weighing 184.5 carats (36.90 g) also known as Imperial Diamond & Victoria Diamond.
Jones Diamond 34.48 blueish-white
United States of America
Weighing 34.48 carats (6.896 g), found in West Virginia by the Jones family. Also known as the Punch Jones Diamond.
Jubilee Diamond 245.3 colorless
South Africa
Originally known as the Reitz Diamond; perhaps the sixth-largest in the world at 245.35 carats (49.070 g).
Kazanjian Red Diamond 35 5.05 brownish-red
South Africa
A 5.05-carat (1.010 g) Emerald-cut red diamond formerly known simply as "Red Diamond". This is the third largest known Red diamond. It was cut from a 35-carat (7.0 g) piece of boart discovered near LichtenburgSouth Africa. It reappeared in 2007 after a 37-year absence from sight, and was purchased by Kazanjian Brothers Inc.
Koh-i-Noor 793 105.6 colorless
A 105.6 carat (21.6 g) white of Indian origin, with a long and turbulent history and a good deal of legend surrounding it. After belonging to Kakatiya Kings and then to various Delhi Sultante and Persian rulers, it was gifted (some claim forcefully) by the Maharaja Duleep Singh of Lahore to Queen Victoria during the British Raj, and is now part of the Crown of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.
Koh-i-Noor new version copy.jpg
Koh-i-noor (replica)
Koi Diamond 32+ white, orange and various
The colors of this sole and unique 32+ carat diamond evokes the well-known Koi fish legend and sacred symbolism cherished by East Asians. The graduations of color of white, orange, light yellow, darkblue and black colors in this diamond are reminiscent of ancient Chinese brush painting. The Koi Diamond has been certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute Of America).
KOI diamond.jpg
The Koi Diamond
Lesedi La Rona 1111 colorless
Found in Botswana in 2015, at 222 g this is the second-largest gem-quality diamond ever found.
Lesotho 910 carat diamond 910 D (colorless) Type IIa
Initial estimated value $40 million.[18][19]
Lesotho Brown 601 various pale brown
Was a stone originally 601 carats (120.2 g) with the largest stone 71.73 carats (14.346 g) after cutting.
Lesotho Promise 603 75 colorless
Is the 15th-largest diamond, the tenth-largest white diamond, and the largest diamond to be found in 13 years. The original stone was 603 carats (120.6 g), although the largest diamond after the cutting was 75 carats (15.0 g).
Martian Pink 12.04 pink
South Africa
Named by American jeweler Ronald Winston in 1976. Sold by auction in May 2012 for US $17 million, "the largest round fancy intense pink diamond to ever go under the hammer", according to Christie's.[20][21][22]
Millennium Star 777 203.04 colorless
Democratic Republic of Congo
at 203.04 carats (40.608 g) is the second-largest colorless (grade D), flawless diamond.
Moon of Baroda 24.04 yellow
Moon of Baroda[23] is pear-shape 24.04 carats (4.808 g) diamond and it was discovered in Vadodara (Baroda) in India.
Moussaieff Red Diamond 13 5.11 red
the second largest known Red diamond, at 5.11 carats (1.022 g).
Nassak Diamond 43.38 blue-white
An emerald-cut of 43.38 carats (8.676 g), previously a triangular brilliant of about 80 carats.
Nizam Diamond 340 colorless
Reportedly 340 carats (68 g). Possibly a large colorless topaz. Whereabouts unknown.
Noor-ol-Ain Diamond 60 pink
Around 60 carats (12 g) originally from India but now part of the Iranian crown jewels.
Noor-ol-Ain tiara.png
Ocean Dream Diamond 5.51 blue-green
Central Africa
The only known natural Fancy Deep Blue-Green, and weighs 5.51 carats (1.102 g).
Oppenheimer Blue 14.62 blue
South Africa
At the time of its sale in May 2016, it became the most expensive diamond in the world, selling for $50.6m (£34.7m).
Oppenheimer Diamond 253.7 yellow
South Africa
One of the largest gem-quality uncut diamonds in the world, at 253.7 carats (50.74 g).
Oppenheimer Diamond.jpg
Oppenheimer Diamond
Orlov 190 colorless
An Indian mogul cut rumored to have served as the eye of a Hindu statue, and currently is part of the Kremlin diamond fund, weighing approximately 190 carats (38 g).
Orlow (Diamant).jpg
Paragon 137.82 colorless
A shield-shaped diamond of 137.82 carats.[24]
Pigot Diamond 100 (est.) 47.38 colorless
A oval brilliant, once the largest diamond in England. Sold by lottery in 1801, auctioned by Christie's in 1802, current whereabouts unknown although a popular legend is that it was destroyed.
Pink Star 132.50 59.60 pink
Modified oval brilliant cut (step cut crown, brilliant pavilion), largest known fancy vivid pink, at 59.60 carats (11.920 g). Formerly known as the Steinmetz Pink, and the Pink Star.[25] Auctioned in Geneva by Sotheby's in 2013 for $83.187 million[26]
Polar Star Diamond 41.28 colorless
A colorless cushion-shaped stellar brilliant diamond weighing 41.28 carats (8.256 g).
Portuguese Diamond 127.01 pale yellow
127-carat (25.4 g) antique emerald cut with a pale yellow body color and very strong blue fluorescence. Part of the Smithsonian's collection.
Portugueses Diamond
Premier Rose Diamond 137.0 colorless
South Africa
137.02-carat (27.4 g) stone cut from a 353.9-carat (70.8 g) rough gem of the same name.
Princie Diamond . 34.65 pink
Antique cushion-cut, fancy intense pink, natural color, VS2 clarity, type IIa, displays bright orangey-red fluorescence when exposed to ultraviolet light (G.I.A.'s lab data);[27][28] discovered 300 years ago in the Golconda mines[29]
Pumpkin Diamond 5.54 orange
Central African Republic
Perhaps the largest fancy vivid orange diamond (5.54 carats), modified cushion-shaped brilliant.
Raven Diamond 12.78 black
Trilliant cut black diamond purchased in 2011. The Raven is currently in a private collection in upstate NY.
Raven Diamond
Regent Diamond 410 140.64 white with pale blue
Weights 140.64 carats (28.128 g), is cushion-shaped stellar brilliant cut, formerly belonging to Louis XVLouis XVI, and Napoleon Bonaparte, it now resides in the Louvre.
Regent (diamond) black.png
Regent Diamond (1907 drawing)
Sancy 55.23 pale yellow
A shield-shaped pale yellow diamond currently in the Louvre, weighing 55.23 carats (11.046 g).
Sancy (diamond) black.png
Sancy (1907 drawing)
Sergio 3150 carbonado
State of Bahia(Brazil)
Largest carbonado and largest rough diamond ever found.[30][31][32]Found in 1895.
Shah Diamond 88.7 pale yellow
Very old pale yellow diamond (found approximately in 1450 in India) currently housed in the Diamond Fund in Kremlin, weighing 88.7 carats (17.74 g).
Sierra Leone diamond 706
Sierra Leone
The discovery was made by Pastor Emmanuel Momoh in an artisanal mine in the village of Koyadu in eastern Kono district in 2017
Skull Star Diamond Pear-shaped pink diamond set in the forehead of Damien Hirst's For the Love of God sculpture.
Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond 312 black
Central African Republic
Mogul cut, 312 carats (62.4 g), the world's largest cut black diamond.
Spoonmaker's Diamond 86 colorless
Circa 86-carat (17 g) diamond housed in Topkapı Palace in Istanbul. Also known as Kaşıkçı Elması
Star of Sierra Leone 968.9 various colorless
Republic of Sierra Leone
cut into smaller pieces, the largest of which is 53.96 carats (10.792 g).
Star of Sierra Leone.gif
Star of Sierra Leone
Star of South Africa 83.5 47.69 colorless
South Africa
also known as the Dudley Diamond. This must not be confused with the Star of Africa. The Star of South Africa was the initial name given to this diamond, when it was purchased as an 83.5-carat (16.70 g) rough diamond. The diamond is a D-color, pear-shaped stellar brilliant cut stone, weighing 47.69 carats (9.538 g).
Star of the East 95 colorless
India (disputed)
A 95-carat (19 g) stone once owned by Evalyn Walsh McLean of Washington DC, who also owned the Hope Diamond. It was also owned by King Farouk of Egypt, although he never settled the bill.
Star of the Season 100.10 colorless
a 100.10-carat (20.020 g) pear-shaped D-color, Internally Flawless stone. At $16,548,750 US it held the world record for the highest price paid for a diamond at auction until the sale of the Wittelsbach-Graff diamond in 2008.
Star of the South 128.48 light pinkish-brown
Found in Brazil in 1853. Cartier is the last known owners of the diamond (mid-2000s).
Star of the South copy.jpg
Star of the South (replica)
Strawn-Wagner Diamond 3.03 1.09 colorless
United States of America
A diamond which received a "perfect" 0/0/0 rating from the American Gem Society, weighing 3.03 carats (0.606 g) rough and 1.09 carats (0.218 g) cut. On exhibit at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, where it was found in 1990.
Stuart or Holland Diamond 39.75 light blue-green Pear shaped rose cut diamond. Bought in 1690 as a rough stone by Queen Mary II Stuart, wife of King William of Orange. Therefor also referred to as the Holland diamond. Belongs to the Dutch Royal House.
Sweet Josephine Diamond 16.08 fancy vivid pink The largest cushion-shaped stone classified in the elite “fancy vivid” category to ever come to auction. Owned by an American family of 15 years, it was sold at auction in November 2015 to Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau, and renamed by him the 'Sweet Josephine' after his daughter.[33] The next day he bought the 'Blue Moon of Josephine' diamond for her.[34]
Taylor-Burton Diamond 68 colorless
South Africa
Purchased by Richard Burton for his wife Elizabeth Taylor, weighing 68 carats (13.6 g).
Tereshchenko diamond 42 blue
42-carat (8.4 g) antique pear brilliant cut.
The Jane Seymour 2.08 blue
Cushion cut weighing 2.08 carats (416 mg)
The Symbolic Yellow Diamond 114.63 vivid yellow
South Africa
Antique cushion-shaped brilliant cut, which is believed to have been found in the Premier mine in The South African Republic. It weighs 114.63 carats (22.926 g).
The Symbolic Yellow Diamond.jpg
Symbolic Yellow
Tiffany Yellow Diamond 280 128.54 yellow
South Africa
Antique modified cushion-shaped stellar brilliant cut, on display at Tiffany & Co.'s New York City store. It weighs 128.54 carats (25.708 g).
Tiffany Diamond2.jpg
Tiffany Yellow Diamond
Uncle Sam 40.23 12 brown
United States of America
The largest discovered in the US, emerald-cut, M color (pale brown), VVS2 clarity.
Vargas diamond 726.6 various blue-white
Cut into 29 smaller diamonds.
Williamson pink diamond 23.6 pink
Given to Queen Elizabeth II on her wedding in 1947 and later set in a brooch. "The most famous pink diamond in the world" according to the BBC.[20]
Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond 31.06 blue
31.06 carats (6.212 g), Fancy Deep Blue, cushion modified brilliant.[35]Was cut down from the 35.56 Wittelsbach Blue after being purchased in 2008.[35] At the time of the sale it was the highest price ever paid for a diamond at auction.[36]
Wittelsbach diamond, before beeing recut by Graff.png
Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond

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