On-Site Custom Jewelry with Computer Aided Design & 3D Printing

Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry


American Blue Diamonds has with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, and Computer Aided Milling System (CAM), a 3D printing machine, and a laser welding machine to make your dream jewelry come to life. You can bring your sketches or pictures for us to make a final piece of jewelry product that matches your personality and beauty. We are the only manufacturer in town who will work with your design ideas. We keep good contact with you to ensure a high-quality and well-designed end-product can be accomplished.

Our CAD/CAM work for a typical engagement ring begins with your finger size. Then, the size and shape of the center stone will then be taken into an account to build a three-dimensional ring model. You can add detail at the time working with us because we can draw it on the fly. We carry a large selection of bridal jewelry, loose diamonds, and loose gemstones to give you visual and physical examples. Our demo about the process is free of charge. However, to get into the details of your specific project, we need a non-refundable deposit of $500 in the design phase. This is the cost for the labor of drawing, rendering a photo, and a milling wax or a 3D-printed resin model. The CAD software will produce a complete metal report, a gem report, and several rendered pictures of the design to help us estimate your final cost of the finished product. We will make any adjustments if necessary. We can give you a maximum of THREE opportunities to give us personal feedback, and printed the model along to show you. If you change your mind more than three times and, there is a cost of $100 per additional wax model. If you approve, the design will go to the casting phase.

To cast your piece, we will need a deposit to buy precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones. See price list for current unit price. The casting process starts with investing the wax model in creating a casting mold then put it in the kiln. This process is called “lost-wax-casting” where the wax is burned out, creating an entrance for metal to flow in.

Our quote for the finished product is based on the current unit price per gram of gold, silver, or platinum. Please note that the finished product will usually weigh slightly more or less than the metal weight estimated by the CAD software due to casting and finishing. We will make an adjustment to the final price based on the final weight of the finished product, including the weight of diamonds and gemstones.

We will work with your reasonable budget. For example, we can reduce the cost of the finished product by making small adjustments to the design to reduce metal weight, use an alternative alloy mix to lower karat gold or sterling silver, or reducing the quantity of diamonds/gemstones of the design itself. The only thing we cannot change is the market unit price of the material and labor required to cast the wax into jewelry.

We can add engraving content to the CAD design at the design phase for an additional $100 fee. Alternatively, we can engrave your ring at the finishing phase with the same fee.


Most of the time we will spend with you is during the design phase because we need to communicate with you to design and make any adjustments. After your approval of the design, the process is faster. We need at least two weeks to make a simple model and one week for casting and finishing your jewelry.


• OPTION 1 - FULL PAYMENT. If you can pay in full for the finished product within 30 days from the date of your order, and you can enjoy a 10% discount.
• OPTION 2 – FINANCE with SYNCHRONY BANK. Synchrony Bank can give six months, 12 months, 18 months with 0% APR interest financing or 9.99% APR 36 month. We will need your driver license and a credit card as two forms of ID to process.
• OPTION 3 – FINANCE with ABD. If you get deny from Synchrony Bank, we can help you with our in-store financing. We need you to pay half of the total balance, plus a $150 financing legal fee. The remaining half of the balance will be divided into six equal monthly payments. We must secure six post-dated checks, a copy of your current driver license, and your social security number. You must be a local and legal citizen of the United States to be approved for our in-store zero-interest financing.

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